Join the Club!

Would you like to join our little club?

Well thank you :)

To be apart of The Blythe Society you must: be 18 and under and have at least one blythe doll, it can be a Neo, Middie, Kenner, Petite or LPS blythe.

Email us at or comment your name, age and email so we can add you to our club :)

If you have any questions please free to email us to the email above!

Here is a list of everyone in our club so far (we will update when someone joins)
1. Ruby
2. Alex
3. Zalia
4. Rosie
5. Barbora
6. Lili
7. Niamh
8. Martha
9. Emily
10. Maddison
11. Veronika
12. Sofia
13. Sumaiya
14. Yaminah
15. Lily

This club is run by Ruby from A Vintage Girl, Alex from Life of Blythe and Zalia from Zalia's Stories

TBS Team


  1. 12 I am 12!!! :)
    Thanks my email is

  2. I'm Niamh I'm 11 I have 3 neos And 1 middie

  3. i have sent you an email with my details :)